Introducing the Smart Lock Module

PassiveBolt is revolutionizing the supply chain for smart door locks by bringing to market the first-ever turnkey smart lock mechatronic module.


Our mission is to drive the adoption of smart access products and services by supplying robust, innovative, inexpensive, and addictive solutions.

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Technology and Innovation

We supply a turnkey smart lock module (patent pending) as a white label product. Our partner adds a branded cover.

Anti Lock Tampering

Detect tampering activities such as lock picking

Jams the deadbolt – rendering lock inoperable

Can be set to jam all doors when home security system is armed

Touch Technology

Automotive grade touch sensor

Inclement weather tolerance

Proprietary algorithms

Technology implemented on over 130 million cars worldwide

Deadbolt Actuator

Fast response time

Allows use of physical keys

Protects against motor overdrive and stall torque

Detects door status — closed/ajar/opened
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Product Features

Basic Features

  • Lock or unlock door through a simple touch of door lock

  • Converts existing single cylinder locksets into touch sensor

  • Uses smartphone as a key over BLE

  • Battery operated (4xAA)

Software Integration

  • Seamless platform integration using our API or Libraries

  • OTA updates supported

  • PassiveBolt owns a copy of usage data for analytics

Optional Built-in Radios

  • Zigbee

  • Z-Wave

  • Wi-Fi


  • Key fob (BLE)

  • Standalone Number Pad (BLE)

  • Key Sharing Cloud Platform

Company Values


Delivery of robust solutions is our trademark.


We are committed to bringing new and unique technologies to market. 


We promote an interconnected global civilization and the settlement of other worlds.


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