Pioneering Web3
Access Control

Decentralized identity platform that introduces cryptographic attestations for unlocking secure spaces.

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Access Control
Control access to secure spaces with cost effective and cutting edge innovations.
Lock Manufacturers
Offering the most advanced smart lock features and mechatronic for a superior user experience.
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Partnering with access control & lock companies

Enabling partners to deploy innovative technologies and solutions as the first-ever Tier1 supplier.

  • Keep up with innovation cycles
  • Significantly reduce costs
  • Faster time to market
Decentralized Identity

A blockchain registry for universally unique identifiers to enable access control using Web3 identity wallets.

Cryptographic Attestations

A way to securely authorize access for an individual as opposed to an object (eg. cards) or a secret (eg. pin code).

Readers & Control Panels

Most advanced reader technologies that support cryptographic and traditional credentials.


Modular designs for almost all protocols to provide connectivity to lock and access control systems.


The first gearless direct actuation technology for locks that is highly energy efficient, quiet, and compact.


Proprietary algorithms and designs including door tracking, micro location, touch detection, and more.

Quality Control

We are shaping the future

Web3 and decentralized identity have unlocked an entirely new class of access control and security solutions based on cryptographic credentialing. PassiveBolt has pioneered enabling technologies for industry partners to launch solutions faster and more cost effectively.

  • Hardware (web3 capable locks, readers, and panels)
  • Decentralized Apps (dApps)
  • Decentralized Web App (DWA)
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Why the Tier1 model?

Mature industries leverage a Tier1 supply structure in order to realize a more cost-effective R&D, adapt to new innovation cycles faster, leverage Tier1 knowledge base to implement best design practices, and take the pain out of interoperability.

We use Passivebolt as our Tier1. They are a force multiplier and provide us with the fastest and most cost effective path to market with our lock solutions.
Tier 1 Supply Chain Structure
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